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Latest News

Charlie and the Foxtrots are back on the road! We will be playing all around the Southeast throughout October/November with two other incredible bands. Check out the tour dates so you don't miss us when we roll through your town, and check out the awesome acts that we have the privilege of playing with.

The Harmed Brothers
"An emotional rollercoaster is a phrase often used when discussing The Harmed Brothers live events.  They are loud, sweaty, romantic affairs that are high on energy and rarely fail to leave an imprint on the memory.  This is a group that believes in the old fashioned drive to succeed by getting in a van and crisscrossing the country or traveling abroad, making friends, gaining experience, growing closer and realizing that making music is a calling that they had no choice but to answer.  Those in the know will breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that this will remain The Harmed Brothers’ plan of action."
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The Rickshaw Roadshow
"We, The Rickshaw Roadshow, hope to spread our vibe to the music-loving community. We hope to exist in your hearts as well as your speakers. We exist only as servants of the muse, and as creators of energy. We pledge to stay true to ourselves, in order to reciprocate the love we have since received that has so often proven successful in our journey to continue making music. YOU are the reason we are here. YOU know what it takes, and we are listening."
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Latest Releases

New EP "Golden" released on July 8th!

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